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The Wondering Year - a new script

When Anne - a 30-something single woman 
on the autism-spectrum - solo-travels to Scotland in a panic, she finds a very unexpected friend
to help her heal her shattered heart.

Trailer entirely shot on an iPhone 11, voice over recorded on the
iPhone 11. Shot in New Zealand (in about 10 minutes total).

DP-ed by Cassidy Sledge.
Color corrected by Ernesto Valverde.
Additional voice over by Shin Hyunsu - 신현수

writer/                      ready for development

cyrano and christine
decide to combine their
and woo roxin with
christine’s beauty and
cyrano’s words.

of course the three get
tangled up together in
deeply knotted ways,
and when christine and
cyrano are sent off
to war,
everything changes…

cyrano - a new adaptation

n amazon fighter
with a flair for poetry
and a brilliant mind -
but who imagines
herself to be ugly -
is madly in love with
the handsome scholar

roxin, in turn, has fallen
head over heels for the 
beautiful soldie


Mercury -  a new musical

tells the story of the real-life Jerrie Cobb, who fought for her right to be the first person in space but was denied because of her gender.
we peek inside Jerrie's mind during the three most impactful days of her life: when she had to defend herself against US congress to get the verdict reversed.
a story of courage, romance, joy and heartbreak - and the dream of space.


ether - a new series

when atheist Christine and
newly minted minister Elliot
clash on religion, romance and empathy,
they have to challenge each other in order to change their view
of the world,
and perhaps save
their own souls

ETHER Poster 3.jpg
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